More About Me

As an experienced real estate agent with over 7 years in the industry, I have a passion for helping peoplefind their dream homes. I specialize in residential properties, including condominiums, vacant land,investment properties, and single-family homes, and have a vast knowledge of the local market.My dedication to my clients is unmatched, and I pride myself on providing personalized attention toeach and every one of them.My background in marketing and sales enables me to create effective strategies to market and sellproperties quickly and efficiently. From creating high-quality listing materials to utilizing the latest digitalmarketing techniques, I will work tirelessly to ensure my client’s property is seen by the right audience.I am constantly staying up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in the real estate market to betterserve my clients. My extensive network of industry professionals, including mortgage lenders, homeinspectors, and contractors have always ensured a smooth and seamless transaction for my clients fromstart to finish.In addition, I currently serve on the executive board of our local Realtor association, Eastern ThumbAssociation of Realtors, as President-Elect. I believe it is essential to be involved in protecting the Realtorprofession and the benefits & rights of homeownership.Personally, I enjoy spending time with family; my husband of 23 years, my son who is in the military, andmy daughter who has blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter. I love to hike and play golf for fun.And, I am a member of our local chapter of Blue Star Mothers of America and have served on the ClydeTownship Planning Commission for the past several years.As Branch Sales Manager at Coldwell Banker Professionals, Port Huron I will strive to share thesequalities & my experiences. My goal is to take my passion for helping others and apply that samepersonalized attention to each agent, helping them to successfully grow their businesses andthemselves! With that being said, I know that I will learn even more than I could possibly offer. Aboveall, I am committed to providing an exceptional experience for all agents, building an incredible team,and developing relationships that will last a lifetime.